Hello! I'm Holly, a Brooklyn based florist with a deep love for nature. This floof is my sweet dog Cosmo.

After working in the industry for six years, I started Dancing Stems Design to move towards sustainable methods of designing. We are committed to sustainable practices such as composting, sourcing seasonal and local blooms first, and utilizing eco-friendly and reusable mechanics in designs and installations.

A hand drawn wildflower
Wildflower hikes, gardening and handpicked beauties have always been cause for celebration. Growing up in California, I was blessed with an abundance of all of these things.

Company founder Holly designing a wedding arch
I cherish connecting with new clients, selecting seasonal blooms and creating custom designs with you in mind.  

I hope that my flowers bring as much joy to you, as this work brings me!

Dancing Stems Design Logo with a hand drawn wildflower
Based in Brooklyn, New York

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